Reflect – Reset – Refresh

I can’t believe it’s the middle of January already.  As I think about all the travels, house guests, family and friend gatherings, gift buying, grocery trips and food prep time over the past couple of months, I am reminded how important it is to make time for family and friends.  Christmas, Disseldoo TM  (the holiday created by my mother) or whatever traditions you and your family celebrate can be a lot of work but SO worth the time for all the generations to come together, share and enjoy.  Try to take time to reflect on all as it can be a post-holiday gift to yourself. 

Now that all (or almost all) my holiday decorations are put away, I am starting to clean out drawers, closets, …  For me, the winter months are the perfect time to unclutter my house – give things away - throw out.  One of my favorite gifts was a label maker, a great time to set up new files and clean up my Live On Goods space. As I declutter and reorganize, this leaves me feeling refreshed.

In addition to cleaning out my house, we at Live On Goods are cleaning “our house” by having a BIG bonTop, clearance sale – check out the great sale prices on our clothing protectors at

I wish you all time to reflect and reset that will lead to feeling refreshed.


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