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The bonTop!

A stylish clothing protector, now available in new, bright fabrics for summer!

Go from adult bib to bonTop®


bonTop®: The stylish adult bib clothing protector

Dignified, washable, stain and water resistant, and featuring a signature pouch  

     Manufactured locally in Fort Wayne, Indiana  

I did not know anything like this was available. I like the mens Classic quite a bit. You can get ties or bowties to wear with it when you go out. When I eat, I end up with a lot of food on my lap. the pocket catches the food so it does not end up on the floor. I look like I am really first class when i am wearing the Mens Classic.
— Richard
“Our individuals enjoy the various bonTop styles and patterns . Being able to go out in the community and blend in to look like every else means the world to the individuals we serve. We appreciate this company and what they stand for!”
— Tori Berdall, Program Director for Benchmark Services
“We love the bonTops! Staff enjoy the easy clean up after meals and the fact that our individuals stay mess free in these stylish clothing protectors!”
— Michelle Kemerer, Activities Director for Benchmark Services
My daughter will use these everyday. The bonTop® is so much better than wearing an apron for meals. They are water resistant and pretty. The pouch can catch medications that get dropped, so not wasting pills. Much more attractive than other available options. Cuter, dressier, .. wear different bonTop® styles to different events.
— Mary

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