Greetings friends,

    Live On Goods was started by four friends who all are daughters, mothers and community volunteers.  With the unique combination of the women’s professional backgrounds – business management, occupational therapy, finance, dietetics, retail sales and home care nursing – and their awareness of the lack of products for adults to continue to participate in life to their maximum ability, came the idea to start a company.  These four passionate, resourceful and creative women came together to create products that will allow adults to Live On in a social, enjoyable and dignified lifestyle.

    What makes Live On Goods line of fine products unique is our combined strengths of caring, hospitality and our personal involvement with adults needing our line of products.  The goal for all our products is that they will be created for adults, be useful, and attractive.

    As the Live On Goods partners have been designing our first product, the bonTop®, we have had several focus group gatherings.  Because of these focus groups, we have been able to connect with many new faces allowing us more product feedback. It has been so rewarding getting to know these participants and making new friends along the way.   Thank you for your encouragement and support. You are on our minds and in our hearts as we share our products with others. We look forward to continuing our friendships.   

     The mission of Live On Goods is to allow adults to have a social and enjoyable life. As we design and create with you in mind, a conscious component of all our products will be to encourage ongoing social connectedness with family and friends and add enrichment to a person’s life. We know our functional and stylish products can make a positive impact on people's lives.

Welcome to Live On Goods...... enjoy! 

 Gretchen, Maria, Helen, and Laura


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