A Product for Road Warriors!!


ROAD WARRIORS - READ ON: For those of you that spend time, driving from appointment to appointment, eating your meals and/or drinking your favorite beverage, while also trying to handle customer/client calls, and drive like a normal human, you know how awful it is when you spill your drink, or have your sandwich “leak” onto your dress shirt, or even worse, drop down between your legs in the car seat, and stain your clothes . Also, it never happens when you would have time to go buy a replacement. No, it usually happens about two minutes before your appointment.


Of course, like all of you, I’ve tried paper napkin bibs (COMPLETELY USELESS), bath towel, golf towel with the hole cut to put over my head (semi-useless), and trying to be very careful eating and/or drinking my stuff (HOPELESSLY USELESS)!


I bought a bonTop (adult bib/clothing protector) by Live On Goods  and wore it while making the 5 hour drive home! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Easy to put on and off, velcro closure, chest pocket and catch all pouch at the bottom of the bib to catch spills was awesome. I ate my turkey, cheese, and ranch dressing sub sandwich with zero fear of spills. It is waterproof, durable, well constructed, washable, and stain resistant. It is now a permanent feature of my travel wardrobe. 


I’m not a small guy, 5’ 11” and 220 pounds. The bonTop (bib) completely covers my chest, shoulders and upper back. While at the bottom the pocket covers my entire lap. No more “surprises” if I spill my hot coffee.


Finally, this is manufactured in America, and I met the two of the four women partners. Very smart, savvy women.


I bought the Hawaiian Weekender version of the bonTop. It was a gas seeing peoples’ reactions on the highway and at rest-stops.

I found it online at www.liveongoods.com . 

Live On