Music is a Gift

Music is a Gift to All of Us

I was recently reminded as I was listening to my son Grant play the piano, that music is a gift to all of us.  There are so many benefits to listening to music for people of all ages.  In this very busy, pressured world we live in it is a wonderful, restorative activity.


Music has a renewing and relaxing power on aging seniors and an amazing positive effect on those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Researchers have discovered that music can benefit seniors by:

·      reducing nervousness and agitation, decreases anxiety

·      creates opportunity for social interaction

·      increases the feel good chemicals in your brain

·      relieves boredom,

·      brings happiness, allows for happy memories to surface

·      increased movement when exercising to music


In her last months of life, my mother in law had a very difficult time hearing. It greatly increased her feeling of isolation and we found it difficult to communicate with her.  We tried a pair of wireless headphones - what a marvelous idea! She was able to hear the music and sing along with Singing in the Rain and sing church hymns along with the televised mass.  The music allowed her to experience joy and added to her quality of life.  What a gift -


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