Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated!!



Older adults bodies have less water on board at 50% vs younger bodies at 60%, which can increase chances for dehydration.  With decreased thirst sensation, the elderly may drink less.  Fluid is critical to most body functions, so elderly individuals and there caregivers should be aware of how to avoid dehydration.  Pictured is our model wearing the pink daisy bistro adult clothing protector




Helpful Hydration Tips



  • Provide favorite fluids during and between meals

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables to increase fluid content of meals

  • Serve cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot.

  • Encourage fluid intake at meals and snacks, sugar free popsicles make a great snack

  • Keep fluids nearby and offer them frequently, A water bottle with a straw in it, enables individuals to drink more

  • Set a timer to encourage a between meal drink

  • Decrease caffeinated beverages

  • Increase fluids when doing activities outdoors

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