Why an Adult Bib?

bonTop= adult bib, stylish clothing protector

Let’s face it, at some point a person over age 5 might need a way to protect their clothing while dining.  Maybe an adult has a disability affecting strength or coordination. This could cause for embarrassing spills while dining.  A salesman  traveling to an appointment and eating in the car, he wants to stay neat and clean!  An adolescent with a disability wants to look nice in front of friends at a social event.  For these people and many others, Live on Goods has created the first truly stylish and versatile adult bib and it is called the bonTop!  

The bonTop is:


Stain Resistant

Gender Specific

Stylish Designed for easy on/off

Has a signature pouch for crumb catching


The bonTop allows adults with disabilities to enjoy social events with friends and family while looking stylish and dignified!

Check out our website at www.liveongoods.com to see the wide variety of styles and beautiful fabrics available