Testimonials from Benchmark Human Services, Fort Wayne


Thank you Benchmark!


Benchmark Human Services uses innovative and effective solutions to assist children and adults with disabilities to reach their maximum potential.


They recognize the value of a stylish and dignified clothing protector and have provided many bonTops for their residents.   This is what they say about the bonTop:



“The bonTops are a great addition to our program. The bonTops prmote diginity to those who use them, which goes hand in hand with the Benchmark Human Services mission of “giving individuals the opportunity to be included in the fabric of society.” The bonTops are designed in a fashionable way that promotes “normalcy” to those who utilize them. “


  -Bee Cannon, Day Service Director Benchmark Human Services



“The pocket aspect of the bonTop is a great feature, escpecially for those who have issues keeping their clothes clean while dining.   The bonTops are very stylish and make individuals excited to wear them!”


-Alyson Grabner, Direct Support Professional



“Our individuals enjoy the various bonTop styles and patterns.  Being able to go out in the community and blend in to look like everyone else means the world to the individuals we serve.  We appreciate this company and what they stand for!”


-Tori Berdall, Program Director


“We love the bonTops!  Staff enjoy the easy clean up after meals and the fact that our individuals stay mess free in these stylish clothing protectors!”


-Michelle Kemerer, Activities Director

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