Stylish Disability Clothing for Dining

I cannot let this month end without mentioning that March is Disabilities Awareness Month.  We are fortunate to have Turnstone Center, a true treasure, in Fort Wayne, IN.  I met my dear friends Ashley and her mother, Mary at the center last year to check out Ashley’s fitness routine.  One of the staff members took the time to give me a tour.  What a place!  The state of the art equipment, heated pools, restrooms with easy access, the services, the playground, the staff….  Turnstone offers all kinds of services to people of all ages with disabilities.  Fifteen adaptive sports and recreation programs are offered at the center including power soccer, sled hockey, wheelchair basketball and houses the 2016 Paralympic Silver Medalist Goalball team.  



When we started creating the bonTops, Ashley volunteered to give me her opinion of our prototypes.  Ashley is a smart, pretty, resilient young woman with a flair for fashion and a love for the color pink. Mary and Ashley appreciated that the bonTops are waterproof and come in many stylish fabrics.  We at Live On Goods recognize that people who have physical limitations might need to wear clothing protectors and as adults deserve to wear something designed with adults in mind.  Ashley currently owns three bonTops so she can dine with style in any setting - and yes, all three are pink!


Since meeting Ashley at Turnstone that day I have watched the goalball team scrimmage (interesting to learn the rules of the game), attended a power soccer tournament (what a fast paced fun athletic event) and plan on checking out a sled hockey practice soon.   


The Turnstone athletes are doing really cool things.  The men and women are getting to use their talents to enjoy participating in athletics.  The Turnstone tagline - Creating Possibilities is so fitting.  Thank you for the inspiration to innovate and create new products to allow people to more fully enjoy their lives.  


Just my thoughts --take care






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