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  Prostate Health  


BPH is one of the most common health problems in men over age 60.  Another name for this condition is benign prostatic hypertrophy.  Usually, after a man reaches age 40, his prostate gland starts to enlarge.  An enlarged prostate may causes urination issues that occur in half of all men by age 60 and in almost all men by age 80.  There is no known way to prevent BPH.  It is a common part of aging.


Symptoms of BPH may include:


·       A weak stream of urine

·       Stopping and starting of the stream of urine

·       Leaking, dribbling of urine

·       More frequent urination, especially at night

·       Strong and sudden desire to urinate

·       Difficulty starting urination


Screening and methods for alleviating symptoms of BPH should be discussed with your primary care physician and/or your urologist.  

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