bonTop® Photoshoot Afternoon

All the Live On Goods partners were excited for this day to dawn.  We are in the process of starting a company – learning a lot and working hard to get things going.  We hired a recent college grad, Olivia Eve – with experience, maturity, patience and a great attitude to lead the design of our website.  Olivia created a master plan for the day’s photographing opportunities.     

It was a beautiful sunny spring day – thankfully.  We invited family and friends to help us out with the photo session.  The idea was to show that adults, when wearing stylish clothing protection could have an enjoyable, social time.   

The reason we started this company is because we could not find a appropriate adult clothing protector for our senior parents or our young friends with physical disabilities. Our solution is the bonTop®, the stylish adult clothing protector. The name was inspired by bon appetit – good food, good times.  

So – the Live On Goods crew (Maria, Mary, Laura, Gretchen and me) put together a delicious lunch, assisted the seniors in choosing the bonTop® they wanted to wear and got out of the way so Olivia could start taking pictures.

It was such a delight to hear all the laughing and wonderful vibrant conversation coming from the dining room. It made the partners so happy to hear what a good time the guests were having. 

It is the reason we created Live On Goods- so adults could continue to enjoy their lives. 

I came away with gratitude for all my partners working so hard as we continue to work through getting this company going and even a bigger awareness of how much JOY was in the house that day.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

I must confess the only mishap of the day was that I thawed the ice cream cake for the birthday shoot a bit too long – don’t look too closely!

Until next time – take care,


Live On