A Valentine's Hug


With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am starting to work on my Valentine’s card list.  I LOVE Valentine’s Day - I love pink, chocolate, hearts and letting special people in my life know I love them.  



As I was thinking about what special gifts to send those on my list, I began to think about how hugging is a gift.  I am fortunate everyday to receive and give hugs and kisses, but I realize many senior adults are missing that personal contact. Their spouses may be deceased, long time friends are living in senior communities or moved away, grown children and grandchildren don’t live nearby.  As I visit my mom and my senior friends I always give them a hug - you can see the joy in their faces as they hug me back.  



“Touch is far more essential than our other senses> … It’s ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact.”  Saul Schanberg



So as you make your Valentine’s plans - consider giving the gift of a hug to a special senior person in your life.  To celebrate the love, friendship they have given you - maybe spend time with them looking at photos or watching home movies.



Oh and along with the hug, might I suggest a piece of chocolate - - -   



Wishing you all an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!



Gretchen, Maria, Laura and Helen      


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