My Dad.....Living on


I have mixed emotions about Father’s Day as it approaches.  My dad, Robert Raymond “Ray” Huser died when I was during my senior year of nursing school at Purdue.  We always had a close relationship and I still miss talking to him.  I know he would be excited about the Live On Goods company and the adult dining accessories

Dad continues to Live On in the values and lessons he taught me:

Keep Faith and Family First: Dad had a very strong faith and that was the foundation of his life.  He was involved in all seven of his children’s lives until the day he died, supporting their interests and encouraging their aspirations. He made time to have fun and enjoy his family.

Be Kind and Optimistic:  Dad’s nickname at work was “Sunshine.”  He was always quick with a kind word and a smile.  It was important to be thoughtful and think the best of people.  Dad was able to listen to my problems and help me see the good in situations.

Be Innovative and Collaborative:  Being a mechanical engineer and a partner in a family owned tool and die company, dad and his brothers were always working together (using their different strengths) to create new ways to solve their clients’ needs. Dad believed in working hard.  He was always interested in the latest innovations and never stopped learning.   

I have tried to impart dad’s values and lessons to my three sons.  It makes my heart happy to see them incorporating these pieces of dad’s wisdom into their lives.  I am so grateful to have had such a great dad. 

I wish all dad’s an enjoyable Father’s Day!  


**Remember Father’s Day is June 18th – and a classy clothing protector could be the perfect gift


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