What is a bonTop?

What is a bonTop?



A bonTop is an upscale, stylish adult clothing protector/bib.


The idea for a stylish adult clothing protector came from sharing dining events with my mother in law, Neva.  She was a lovely lady, always  kind, caring, and compassionate.  Neva got her hair and nails done every Friday. She always wore her pearls and she enjoyed wearing colorful fashionable clothes.  One of her favorite activities was dining at her country club with friends and family.  Neva truly enjoyed the food and the social interaction.  


As Neva aged, she developed a bit of shakiness which led to her spilling food on her nice clothing while dining.  Being a nurse, I assumed there was a fashionable, upscale clothing protector for adults.  Everything I found for Neva was infantile or ugly and either resembled a baby bib or a shower curtain.  Finding nothing decent looking, I resorted to using a clothespin and cloth napkin to keep the food bits from staining Neva’s clothing.  The napkin - “bib”  was not effective by any means and was a very demeaning solution.


Live On Goods was started by five women who all had an awareness that there are products that do not exist that would allow adults to continue enjoying their lives.  The company’s first product is the bonTop. This clothing protector was designed with ladies and gentlemen in mind. The bonTop is a stylish adult dining accessory.  It is waterproof, stain resistant, washable, has a signature pouch. It is available in many wonderful styles and fabric options for men and women.  It is truly the dignified answer for those who need an adult bib to protect their clothing.    


The partners of Live On Goods created the bonTop designs working with several seniors to gain insigh tand created the bonTop designs.  The bonTop styles give adults the option of an upscale clothing protector that allows them to dine with dignity. It keeps  clothing clean and avoids food debris from falling on one’s lap or on the floor.  We know how important it is for one’s mental health to remain socially connected with family and friends. When someone looks good (as adults do when wearing the bonTop) and feels comfortable in their attire this allows them to participate more fully in dining events with friends and family.  Wearing a bonTop decreases social isolation and public embarrassment while increasing socialization and enjoyment.


Bon appetit with the bonTop!

Neva, thank you for always be such a gracious hostess and a dear mother in law to me

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