Creative, Practical Gifts from the Heart



As the holidays approach, I am really trying to think of gifts that my senior friends would enjoy.  My mom has reached a point in her life – she does not want to accumulate any more things, so with my mom and all sandwich generation’s parents in mind, here are a few gift suggestions.  

 Create a coupon and add a small item for the following special events:

·      Visit to an art museum – postcard of a famous art work

·      Visit a zoo – small plastic animal set (that can be donated)

·      Walk/drive in a park – Coffee/restaurant gift card and travel cup to enjoy a beverage during the driving

·      Visit a botanical garden – the green plants are so life giving during the cold winter months – a small poinsettia or bouquet of fresh flowers 

·      Holiday Musical Concert (offered at local college or churches) – gift a CD of the style of music to enjoy at home

·      Cookie Baking date – bring all the ingredients and bake “gifts” together for family and friends – bring new aprons or potholders

·      Dinner In - make a meal at home, enlist your parent’s help according to their abilities – so many miss a home cooked meal – provide a recipe card and the food needed

·      Pedicure, manicure set with pretty nail polish and lotion  – for home “spa” day 

·      Drive down memory lane – drive to previous neighborhoods, favorite local places – gift a travel mug and favorite warm beverage

·      Small winter décor piece to cheer up their home after all the Christmas decorations are put away – many stores offer cute snowman things 

·      Movie Night – bring a favorite movie or musical along with snacks and enjoy a movie together

·       Lunch out to favorite restaurant – include a menu and a bonTop (the stylish clothing protector/bib)

All of these gifts are wonderful inventive ways to share time with your family member and create new holiday memories.


The partners of Live On Goods wish all of you a joyful family-filled holiday season.

Maria, Gretchen, Laura and Helen

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